Our Healing Center

Would you like to get out of town for few days or a week?

Pure Vision Healing Center

We are located in the valley of Dollu a few minutes drive from the village of Pharping and one hour drive from Kathmandu town. Please check the map for directions. The center has a Traditional Tibetan medical clinic, Traditional healing massage, hot medicinal bath therapy, herbal dry sauna, meditation hall, library, Shrine room and Medicine Buddha garden.
We have six large clean and comfortable healing rooms with twin beds, attached bathrooms and kitchens. All the rooms are well-furnished with all kitchen sets and ready to do self cooking. There is also a common kitchen downstairs where you can order vegetarian meals and drinks.

The center is also suitable for short / long term retreating people as it is located in a peaceful environment. The weather is pleasant there; we have good running water and clean fresh air.

We have healing meditation and rejuvenating (chudlen) re-treat program from one week to one month. We also have naturally weight loose program for those who want to loose weight in natural way. You can loose 3 – 5 kgs of weight in one month. Free advice on diet and behavior,  breathing exercises are given.

We also arrange / perform medicine Buddha healing rituals for diseased people, ritual for well being and ritual for death people as per one's request.

We have a washing machine and give laundry service at anytime. And if you want to do your laundry by yourself then we have a separate place outside at the back corner. Please let us know and we will guide you. You can also order your shopping and we'll deliver it for you.

We arrange local guide to take you around the pilgrim site in Pharping area and nature walk to the near by hills. So if you are interested please let us know.